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Joan Jett – I Love Rock 'N Roll – Drum Cover (with scrolling drum score)

Joan Jett – I Love Rock ‘N Roll – Drum Cover (with scrolling drum score)


History of Rock 'n' Roll Ep.7 Guitar Heroes

Santana – Black Magic Woman 2:20
Van Halen – Right Here, Right Now 4:07
The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again 9:31
Elvis Presley – Blue Moon of Kentucky 13:18
B.B. King – Sweet Sixteen 21:38
T-Bone Walker – Goin’ To Chicago Blues 22:47
The Rolling Stones – The Last Time 23:03
The Yardbirds – Train Kept a Rollin’ 25:20
Led Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused 25:40
Cream – Sunshine Of Your Love 28:19
Eric Clapton – Layla 30:03
Guns n Roses – Sweet Child O’Mine 33:52
U2 – Bullet the Blue Sky 35:42
Chuck Berry – Childhood Sweetheart 38:14
…are the featured songs on The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll DVD Volume 4, Episode 7 “Guitar Heroes”. Les Paul’s invention of the electric guitar paved the way for later Rock ‘n’ Roll guitar heroes. The rock music documentary was originally broadcast on April 17, 1995, on the Prime Time Entertainment Network.

The ten-episode television documentary mini-series was produced by TL and were later released on VHS, DVD, and reran on TLC and VH1. The latter showed all ten parts in the last 10 weeks of the year 1999 on Friday night as part of a countdown to the year 2000. The series covers Rock Music from the 1950s to the 1990s and features over 200 exclusive interviews with many well-known artists and other music industry figures. #rocknroll #rockhistory


'Rock 'n' Roll Rhythm' THE ROCK-A-SONICS (Viva Las Vegas festival) BOPFLIX sessions

BOPFLIX session with rockabilly band – THE ROCK-A-SONICS (USA) playing track ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Rhythm’. Filmed at the VIVA LAS VEGAS weekender, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (2022).




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Grave Bathers – Rock 'n' Roll Fetish (2022) [Full Album]

00:00:00 – Ghost ‘Em All
00:06:02 – Brain Thief
00:12:48 – The Mole
00:20:38 – Tarman Cometh
00:26:20 – Rock N’ Roll Fetish
00:31:18 – Mongoloid Supreme
00:38:08 – Blood Money
00:43:26 – Vampire of the Rock / Operator
00:54:10 – Nordic Funeral
01:02:05 – Taser Shields
01:05:32 – Devil’s Bride
01:13:46 – Ape-like Thing

“GRAVE BATHERS have been decimating audiences with high decibel, high energy live performances since their formation in 2018 and quickly gained notoriety with their ambitious Feathered Serpent/Death Hand 7” EP released via Seeing Red Records in 2020. Upon first listen, The Sleeping Shaman hailed the band’s, “epic riffs, piercing Robert Plant vocals, tales of outlaws and bloodshed, all above some truly gorgeous bass work,” while Doomed And Stoned lauded “a sound that shuffles well with the rockier side of Pentagram, Black Sabbath, and Portland street doomers R.I.P.” Added Metal Temple, “GRAVE BATHER’s EP is the epitome of doom metal, and resembles every corner of the atmosphere through their clouded movements… the EP deserves a listen through the graveyard.” The band’s authentic blend of bombastic boogie, booty shaking hard rock, heavy psych, and episodic doom earned them both critical acclaim and the momentum to pick up endorsements by Orange Amplifiers and Ampturco Guitar Werks.

GRAVE BATHERS continues to make strides in the streets by writing, touring, and playing with great acts such as Ruby The Hatchet, Blackwater Holylight, Rifflord, Deathchant, Warcloud, Tower, Scorpion Child, Zed, Howling Giant, Amplified Heat, Ecstatic Vision, Holy Death Trio, Heavy Temple, Mick’s Jaguar, and many others. Their momentum is no surprise: the band boasts the decibel-smashing guitarist Jaret Salvat-Rivera of Heavy Temple as their lead riff ripper and later added drummer Sean Lafferty of Yatra into the fold to forge their most dominant lineup yet. The talent-stacked Voltron has since earned thousands of fans online through their iconic style, viral gear porn, vintage analog recording methods, and Spotify presence; all with only three singles out.

Finally, we are very proud and excited to announce Philadelphia psychedelic doom practitioners, GRAVE BATHERS, long-awaited ambitious 2xLP debut, Rock ‘N’ Roll Fetish!!”

Drew Robinson – Vocals
Jaret Salvat-Rivera – Guitar
Steve Capitanio – Guitar
Davis M. Shubs – Bass
Sean Lafferty – Drums

Recorded Live at Memphis Magnetic Recording Co. with minimal overdubs and virtually no edits.
All songs written by Grave Bathers

Produced by Davis M. Shubs and Drew Robinson
Engineered by Matt Qualls, Davis M. Shubs, and Drew Robinson
Second Engineer – Scott McEwen
Mixed by Matt Qualls, Davis M. Shubs, and Drew Robinson
Mastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound

Tape Op #1 Crockett Hall
Tape Op #2 Lydia Fletcher

Cover art by Benjamin Marra
Interior Gatefold by James Everhart
Photography by Gene Smirnov

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Rose Tattoo “Rock'n' Roll Outlaw” Live Paris 2022

09 juillet 2022 La Cigale Paris



Oldies Mix Rock n Roll 50s 60s 🎸 Best Classic Rock And Roll of 50s 60s 🎸 Rock N Roll Songs 50s 60s

Best Classic Rock And Roll Of 50s 60s 🎸 Rock And Roll Oldies Playlist 🎸 Classic Rock And Roll
Best Classic Rock And Roll Of 50s 60s 🎸 Rock And Roll Oldies Playlist 🎸 Classic Rock And Roll
Best Classic Rock And Roll Of 50s 60s 🎸 Rock And Roll Oldies Playlist 🎸 Classic Rock And Roll
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Cinnamon Babe – “Rock 'N' Roll Is Black” [Official Music Video]

New single ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Black’: https://onerpm.link/RockNRollIsBlack

Follow Cinnamon Babe:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/CinnamonBabe
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0U2rJW6ug1KAvcegC2E004?
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cinnamonbabemusic
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ultimatecinner
Bandcamp: http://cinnamonbabe.bandcamp.com

“Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Black” Lyrics:

I’m taking my culture back
I’m taking my culture back
I’m taking my culture back
I’m taking my culture back
Cause rock and roll is black

I’m taking my culture back
I’m taking my culture back
I’m taking my culture back
I’m taking my culture back
Cause rock and roll is black

Hendricks flooding my blood stream
Rebel of this world, hear my screams
Ready to push the minority dream
The people who died to have me seen

They hate to have my words so political
Want me in my place to be traditional
Your image of me is based in fictional
I’m this deep Individual ready to speak

When I dress how I want, they call me a freak
When I talk how I want, they call me a geek
Y’all niggas don’t like me, because you are weak
I’m not a doll or your little toy

I’m crazy ass beast that scares off the boys
Get off my page if you’re not ready for noise
Entity sent , designed to destroy
I’m here to corrupt not here to enjoy

I’m taking my culture back x4
Cause rock and roll is black

Your perspective is not based on reality
History’s been erased in casualties
Books given scratched in white out
Now little brown boys got self doubt

Only care about beauty and clout
Now I’m careful what comes out my mouth
My purpose is bigger , my weapon is loaded
I can’t just sit back and watch how y’all voted

Color consumed defeats the unity
Burn the hate inside this community
Can’t fight back, we are fighting inside
Can’t protect within the divide

Rep for the culture despite the flaws
His life is lost ,you bring up the law,
Wanna bring up the past undercover hate
And fake prayer hands to get in the gate

I’m taking my culture back x4
cause rock and roll is black

You thought the voice of the oppressed was yours?
You thought you were the voice of the oppressed?
You thought you were the unheard?

You thought you were the oppressed ?
You thought you were the unheard ?
Tell me I don’t belong .
This shits for me.
Started by me
Created by me
In case you didn’t hear, let me tell you the fuck again.
Rock n roll is black x 4
Taking my motherfucking culture back.

Don’t you ever tell me I don’t belong.
That it ain’t for me.
Don’t you ever tell me I’m in the wrong place.
i made this fucking place.

I’m taking my culture back x4
cause rock n roll is black

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Krokus – Rock'n Roll Handshake

Krokus – Hoodoo 2010


Deadwolff – Heavy Rock N' Roll (Official Video)

From the upcoming full-length album, Heavy Rock n’ Roll. Golden Robot Records (2023).

Video directed and edited by Plastic Crap Productions.


NWOTHM Full Albums will try to gather the best of Old School Heavy Metal albums by the bands of the new generation. If you like it, buy the album.

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Mash Up Rock N Roll; By The Voodoo Child – Live at The Legend Pub Iasi

Hey everyone, Please Support Young Artists in The Ramp ( https://gofund.me/ddf7b8fb ) and share our videos. Please be there!

Audio/Video by The Smokin’ Dudes Records

Lead Guitar: Andrei Cerbu
Vocals: @Rockmina
Bass: Robert Ciubotaru
Drums: George Pintilii
Rhythm Guitar: Sergiu Teclici

Website: http://thevoodoochildband.com/
Merch: https://merch.thevoodoochildband.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheVoodooChildBand
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the.voodoo.child.band/?hl=ro
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@the_voodoo_child_band
Spotify: https://sptfy.com/7pd8
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheVoodooChildB
Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AndreiC/

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