Here's How The Rap Would Sound If It Was On The Actual Song😱

I Can’t Believe This Actually Happened during our performance – We performed our new song “Destination” in public and something surprised us! Here is how the rap would sound if it was on the actual song!



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Hey, we’re Crash Adams, two musicians who are best friends from Toronto who love to make pop/alternative music. You may have seen us doing viral stunts in the middle of the street with our red couch, to help spread our music! We produce, write, sing, mix and master all of our songs, and we love showcasing this music in a fun and humorous way through public pranks and performances in the middle of the street. We love to see how people react!

If you like musicians like Maroon 5, Harry Styles, Bruno Mars, Stellar, Imagine Dragons, Glass Animals, Benson Boone you’ll love our content and music!

If you like our music, or enjoy our singing content, feel free to hit that sub button for daily YouTube shorts and new music coming soon!✅


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